Cherokee AH 27 / AH 27F handheld modifications

Remove the 4 screws from the rear panel, remove the front cover (be cafeful not to loose the springs from the battery cover).

You will see some pads to the left of the channel display.

Solder a bridge across the S 07 pads for 120 channels
(these are on the far left at the top)


Solder a bridge across the S 08 pads for 200 channels
(these are on the top to the right of the S 07 pads)


I found this pic on the CB Mods site, I've forgotten the URL, sorry.


This is from a message posted on a message board I am a moderator on:

I removed the epoxy from the S07 pad and made a solder bridge on 2 seperate radios with the same results - NOTHING (I have no idea what was wrong - even cleaned up the bridge and remade with the same results).

The radios would still function on 40 channels with all features, but would not change bands.

I then removed the bridge on S07 on each - removed epoxy from S08 and went with the 200 channel mod - bridged S08.

SUCCESS first time on each radio - still have no idea why the 120 channel mod would not work on either radio.

I only needed 120 channels and the epoxy was much easier to remove from the S07 since it was on the end.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!

One other note - I went to Radio Shack after getting my epoxy lesson and purchased a Needle File Set #64-1985 for $4.99 I think.

The triangular file ate right through the epoxy - could clean around any pads I wanted to in 5 minutes or less (after doing it once anyway).

I have no idea how I would have gotten it off without the file.

These were actually AH-27F radios - supposedly the same except these actually have frequency readout as well as channel (It works for all 5 bands too)


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