Cherokee CM-10

1. Remove bottom cover.

2. Directly behind the M1 button, locate the two capacitors on the front panel that are not soldered in place.

Now do one of these depending on what the radio is like inside.

3.a. Use a fine tip iron and attach the two .1uf capacitors to the pads.

OR if the caps are already attached do this.

3.b. Bridge both pads looking from the component side of the main board they shoud be bridged verticaly on the front panel they looked like they used to be connected at one time, the factory had cut them to only give the normal 40 channels.That is where the left upper and the left lower pads are bridged together and the right upper to the right lower are also bridged together.

4. Power up the radio and you will now see a band select function above the M2 button. You now have 15 bands of 40 channels. A, B, C, D, E, -A, -B, -C, -D, -E, +A, +B, +C, +D, +E.

I have read elsware that installing the caps (if not present) will give 5 bands of channels, 26.065 - 28.305, due to this fact I am not sure which is correct or if there is more then one version.


The newer models may have epoxy over the mod point and the disc caps are not visible.
If you look directly behind the M2 button on the back of the faceplate(component side of board), there may be a dab of yellow epoxy about the size of a dime.

CAREFULLY remove the epoxy with your "Golden Screwdriver" or something similar. 
Be sure not to damage the cicuit.(Remember , the epoxy may not be there.) 

You should find 4 solder joints about the size of a pencil tip. 
Use a small tipped soldering tool and connect the two left joints together and then do teh same with the two right joints. 
There is probably enough solder on these 4 points to complete the mod thanks to the fellas at Cherokee.

When you power up the unit, you will see "BAND" above the M6 button in the secondary function mode.
You will get 15 bands of 40 channels starting at 23.815 MHZ and ending at 30.555MHZ (600 channels!)30 MHZ will read as"0005" and so on up the bands. This is normal for this mod.

After the power and modulation modification, you will get about a 4 watt key with a 9 watt swing(+/-).

If you notice a 50 watt swing in the lower and upper bands, remember that your antenna is tuned for 11 meters
not 7,8,9,10,12,and 13 meters. CHECK YOUR SWR READING! 

C&W Enterprise



This was sent to me by Thomas Nickles:

Just wanted to let you know. I have a cherokee CM-10 radio that had the epoxy over the four pads on the board.

There were no capacitors installed !

I removed the epoxy and soldered in the 2- .1 uf capacitors and got 15 bands of coverage !

I also have read on other sites that this will give five bands of coverage, but mine gives the whole fifteen.

I would actually prefer to only have the five, if you know of a way to do this let me know. only reason is it takes longer to step through 15 bands than 5.

Not really complaining though.



VR502. It is labeled "502" on the board.



VR103. It is labeled "103" on board.


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