Comanche Warrior, Albrecht AE495S, AE497S Freq Expansions

There are a few different methods documented, I have inlcuded all of them here.

How to set up for HAM band only or CB/HAM mode.

This first version may not be correct, if it does not work for you try the second version of the mod below.


This version was sent to me by a visitor and is confirmed as working on his unit.


This version is different from the first version above, there are two (2) jumpers bridge on the back of the main board called "Con1", it is not located on the front PCB, and the does not seem to be any "pads" named "SMT3" to short out the CPU.

Thank you to Col. Victor Xavior-Stevenson, RAF (ret), for sending me this, who sadly passed away on February 5th 2002, I am sorry that I did not get the chance to meet you too, CQ DX.


The mod below was sent to me by Ed, it may help a lot of people !

Channel Expansion




Band CN1 (Diode) Frequency Range
HAM Installed 28.000 - 29.690
HAM and CB Removed 28.000 - 29.690 (HAM)
    25.165 - 29.695 (CB)




  1. Disconnect power supply from radio.
  2. Modify programming on CPU as shown in table above.
  3. RESET THE CPU by shorting out the pads (SMT3) as shown in above picture.
  4. Reconnect power supply and turn radio on, the HAM frequency will be displayed.
  5. Press FUNC and then press 2 (Call) for more than three seconds, the radio now operates in 454 channel CB mode showing only channel numbers.
  6. For HAM mode repeat step 5.
  7. For frequency display press FUNC and 2 (Call),.
  8. For channel display repeat step 7.
  9. Button 2 (Call) switches between 454 channel CB mode and HAM mode.


Power and Modulation Adjustments


Adjustment Controls Adjust for
RV4 AM power Adjust for maximum power in AM
RV5 AMC Adjust for maximum modulation in AM
RV14 ALC Adjust for maximum power in SSB


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