This page shows how to put the FCC band into UK Cybernet radio's

This mod will work with any radio that uses the PTBM 134 AOX PCB

This includes:

Barracuda HP940, Binatone 5-star, Speedway, Fedelity CB2000M, Harrier CBX, Harvard 420M, Midland 76-200, Radiomobile 201, Radiomobile 202, Rotel RVC 220, Rotel RVC 240, Oscar 1, Sapphire X4000, York JCP 861, York JCP 863.

These are just the radio's that i know of and there are probably a lot more !!

1. Cut tracks to pins 14 and 15 of the LC7137.

2. Disable dimmer pot or switch so that the radio cannot be dimmed.

3. Make available a DPDT switch to activate the mids modification.

4. Clear the following holes on the PCB by PLL pins 20, 19, 18, 13, 12.

5. Flatten the pins on the LC7132 PLL, and insert pins no. 20, 19, 18, 13 and 12 in the pre- mentioned holes on the PCB, bend pins 17,16,15,14 and 11 out of the way very carefully.

6. Attach a wire to pin 15 of the 7137 and the 7132, also attach another wire on to the track that went to pin 15 on the 7137 and wire up to the DPDT switch, see diagram below:

Pin 15 7132------------------.O..........O-------Through a 22pf ceramic cap to pin 12 7137

Track that went to pin 15------O...........O-------Ground

Pin 15 7137------------------O...........O-------N/C

7. Attach some ribbon wire to pins 1-8 of the LC 7132 and hook up to the channel selector PCB
¼¼as shown below (the numbers represent the LC 7132 pin numbers)

I have not been able to test this personally but a friend of mine in the UK has done this mod and he said that it works OK.

You will need to tune the radio for the new frequency range, check out my Alignments Page for the full alignment procedure.

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