VCO-Block for CB-Radio

The VCO-Block is a part of the active oscillator in TA7310P. This will opeate between 16MHz and 19MHz.

Output from TA7310P Pin 9 to PLL02A is Mixer frequency - VCO frequency.
Output from TA7310P Pin 6 to Receiver/Transmitter Mixer is Mixer frequency + VCO frequency.

The new "VCO-BLOCK" will operate between 14MHz and 21MHz, and will then cover 10-meter, 11-meter and 12-meter.


D1 = BB156 (Phillips)
L1 = 5uH
C1 = 470pF
C2 = 470pF
C3 = 4,7pF
C4 = 12pF

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