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by davesmeg
Wednesday 28th Jun 2006, 8:25
Forum: CB Radio Repair and Troubleshooting
Topic: Need help hooking speaker up to CB PA system.
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Unfortunately it happens a lot with PA speakers.
The PA speaker needs to be a long way from the mike. It can even cause feedback if the PA speaker is on the outside of the vehicle.
Finding a good spot that doesn't give feedback can be tricky.
by davesmeg
Friday 24th Mar 2006, 10:46
Forum: CB Radio General
Topic: antenna - stealth
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I had a mini Hustler ages ago.
Only about 18 inches with centre load and mini mag-mount base.
Range wasn't to great but it looked like a taxi antenna. :lol:
by davesmeg
Tuesday 31st Aug 2004, 9:02
Forum: Look and feel
Topic: Which Style do you prefer ?
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I like the charcoal but it's a bit dark as I have my monitor dimmed for most web pages being light or white colour so I use the defpom style.

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