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Cobra 29 ltd receive problem

Posted: Saturday 14th Jun 2008, 18:02
by marveylus22
How to explain this one... Okay here we go. When the radios on the receive is cracking at low volume, but when you turn the volume up it clears up. So I replaced the on/off squelch pot with a new one. It does the same thing. I notice the mic socket is a little worn, and I will also change that out. Any other ideas? Thank you.

Posted: Saturday 14th Jun 2008, 19:06
by ramblingman
Probably all you need to do is get some contact
cleaner and clean the volume control.

Posted: Saturday 14th Jun 2008, 19:39
by The Defpom
Check the external speaker socket, they sometimes open up, it may be corroded as well, and the higher voltage from turning up the volume may just allow it to work, if in doubt replace it.

The next test is to plug in an external speaker and see if it sounds the same, if it is OK, then replace the internal speaker.

Posted: Tuesday 17th Jun 2008, 15:14
by marveylus22
Got it. Thank you sir.

Re: Cobra 29 ltd receive problem

Posted: Friday 20th Oct 2017, 5:35
by corbingravely
Hey marvey,

Is the sound wavering. I mean, is it going up and then going down all of a sudden or just flipping out. If yes then, I think it might be a problem with the fuse. There is a small fuse, i don't know the correct name of the fuse, but changing it fixed it for me. The repairman told me that if there is a fluctuation in the sound wave a weak fuse will get fried. So that was my problem. I think that might be yours as well.