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Uniden pc68xl NO TX power

Posted: Saturday 28th Mar 2009, 7:41
by frogman296
Radio Make and Model: uniden pc 68xl
PCB Number: PA-339AB1/4
PLL Number: NPC 992D SM5126BP
Test gear available: BK 1040, BK 2040, watt meter, Multimeter
Symptoms: radio has great modulation on BK 1040, but zero watts

What is working: the only thing that i can find that is not functioning is the tx power

What has been tried: replaced driver, final, cb/pa switch... replaced caps , c91, c118, audio chip, Q16.... i had changed r43 to a 4.7ohm as part of a mod...along with adding caps to c42, 46...have since removed the added caps..

Did it suddenly happen ?: yes

thanks in advance

Re: Uniden pc68xl NO TX power

Posted: Sunday 5th Jul 2009, 10:03
by ramblingman
dose the tx light come on when you key the ptt,,if not ck r60 for o/c
also ck pin 6 of ic 2 for 6 volts,if not present change ic 3,it is bad.

Re: Uniden pc68xl NO TX power

Posted: Wednesday 7th Oct 2009, 19:07
by Sci_Fi