Midland 4001 No sound

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Midland 4001 No sound

Post by doughboy41 » Friday 24th Apr 2009, 12:20

Radio Make and Model: Midland 4001
PCB Number:
PLL Number:
Test gear available: Dummy load, dvom, ETC
Symptoms: No Sound

What is working: The radio works

What has been tried: Tried to hook up different EXT. Speaker jack

Did it suddenly happen ?: No
Anything else that may be of help?: The EXT. Speaker jack on the back of this radio went bad and I have a few from a couple of old radios that I am trying to get to work to no avail, there is a black wire, a green wire, and a brown wire that i cannot figure out. Also I found a red wire over by the antenna hookup that is not connected to anything but the radio still transmits like brand new, just no sound or recieve through the speaker and or EXT. Speaker. Please someone help me before I trash this radio.

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Re: Midland 4001 No sound

Post by hotshot » Saturday 23rd May 2009, 10:13

ur trouble is a bad vol switch change this or jump it to full audio
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