GME Electrophone TX830N

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GME Electrophone TX830N

Post by j0r » Wednesday 20th May 2009, 20:20

Radio Make and Model: GME Electrophone TX830N
PCB Number: Unkown
PLL Number: Unknown
Test gear available: None
Symptoms: Power / Modulation Indicator sometimes doesn't work. sometimes it lights up to about half way then other times it wont work at all. according to the manual it should light up when i press the talk button?

What is working: When i press the talk button the static on the speaker stops. Can change to all channels. I Haven't heard anyone talk on it yet. tried driving around to see if i can pick up anything to see if it works OK but no joy ( war driving by CB!!)

What has been tried: Ran power straight from the car battery with fuses in between. Earth wire to ground point in engine bay. Antenna moved to various locations and even grounded the coax shield to a ground point roughly 200mm away ( saw it recommend on a website). i got the antenna from dick smith - cat no D-4064.

Did it suddenly happen ?: no been like that since i installed it. Got it off trade me. The guy said it was working
Anything else that may be of help?: i haven't tried a SWR Meter yet. trying to find a cheaper model so the hand brake wont complain too much about me spending money on useless crap as she likes to call it :/ . anyone know where i can get one in NZ?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

Classic CB
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Re: GME Electrophone TX830N

Post by Classic CB » Wednesday 27th May 2009, 22:34

Hi Joe: 2 Things I would try first: 1) Try a dummy load / Light connected to the Antennae socket, when you key up this will show if you actually have any TX by lighting brightly when you key up, if not then it's Tech time. 2) For the power meter problem then try gently tapping the PCB with the handle of a small insulated screwdriver as you key up to see if the meter comes on properly, if it does then you probably have some dry joints in that area.
Might be your best bet to take it ot a local radio Tech & get him to check it out for you, unfortunately buying radios without being able to check them out first is often not the best way to go.
We regularly get stuff brought in for repair that's been bought on Auction sites & someones tried to do a Mod on and messed it up.

Good luck: Andy @ Classic CB

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Re: GME Electrophone TX830N

Post by The Defpom » Sunday 16th Aug 2009, 1:30

Dont use trademe, use instead it is free, faster and safer, (but I am biased).

The LED bargraph display should light up in TX, if you cannot hear anything on RX it looks like the radio is a dud, it is probably fixable, but it is likely the fix will be more than the radio is worth, those things are only worth around $60 - $80 or so.

As far as finding someone to fix it goes, there are only a few people in the country that do decent work on CB's, there are a couple of companies that claim to do them, but they can take months, and often costs a LOT to get done, I have actually been in the position of re-doing radios that a company had done for someone, as they made a mess of it, I will not name names though.

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