148 gtl needs aligned

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148 gtl needs aligned

Post by RBR762 » Sunday 21st Jun 2009, 14:46

Radio Make and Model:148 gtl-china
PCB Number:
PLL Number: mbb8719
Test gear available:frq.counter/volt meter

Did the clarifier mod found on this site and a re-alignment found on cb-tricks.
After the mods i checked the radio only to find out that with the clarifier knob centered it is 4 kc off freq. when i transmit, and on sideband i have to slide 4-5kc to tune anyone in.
Should i change the 1K resistor (R175) to a different one to decrease the slide travel,it slides 5 kc up and 11kc down right now.Also should i mount a 8 volt regulator in the radio and use it for the clarifier instead of using the positive side of C84.
HELP! Robert

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