Super Lion flex test fix

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Super Lion flex test fix

Post by Johnno » Friday 3rd Jul 2009, 3:28

Radio Make and Model:Super Lion
PCB Number: PCMA004S
PLL Number: LC7130
Test gear available:Soldering iron, sucker, DMM, CRO, AM/SSB transceiver, dummy load/power meter, SWR/power meter, adjustable voltage PSU, illuminated headband magnifier, external speaker and various hand tools.
Symptoms: No transmit AM

What is working:All else operational.

What has been tried:Visual inspection of PCB and flex test of PCB whilst keying mic on AM.

Did it suddenly happen ?:Arrived in this state, most likely dropped in transit (inadequate packaging and no fragile stickers).
Anything else that may be of help?: The flexing of PCB caused AM TX to function and led me to DC switch buffer transistor which had cracked solder joints (visible). Reheated and soldered joints, happy to report radio is now fully operational. Thanks for the ideas 222 :D


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