Rotel 240 noisy TX

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Rotel 240 noisy TX

Post by mm3stb » Friday 14th Aug 2009, 3:04

Radio Make and Model: Rotel 240
PCB Number: PTBM134A0X
PLL Number: LC7137
Test gear available: Digital VOM, Analogue VOM, Frequency Counter, Dummy Load

Symptoms: Noisy TX

What is working: Everything

What has been tried: Switch cleaner mic gain VR. Checked connectionm

Did it suddenly happen ?: Fault was presant when purchased
Anything else that may be of help?:

I have a Rotel 240 that is realy noisy on TX. sounds like a windy mic but i have tried throwing out a dead carrier (shorting the mic pins) and it's still noisy. Appart from that it's working perfect. Is there anyone with suggestions

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The Defpom
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Re: Rotel 240 noisy TX

Post by The Defpom » Sunday 16th Aug 2009, 1:32

Check the PCB for any signs of cracked traces or bad solder joints, years ago when I still lived in the UK I have one of those with the same issue and it was caused by a PCB fault.

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