Midland 48 Plus - Uk 80 Channel - No RX/TX

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Midland 48 Plus - Uk 80 Channel - No RX/TX

Post by nicknack » Wednesday 25th Nov 2009, 8:37

Radio Make and Model: Midland 48 Plus
PCB Number:
PLL Number:
Test gear available: Frequency Counter, 20Mhz Scope, Multimeter, SWR/Power meter.
Symptoms: No RX/TX

What is working: The display (lcd) will change over from rx/tx but the lights wont light up for power output. squelch audible but not right....
(but sounds like missing crystal? had a murphy homebase once and one of the legs was broken on the 10.24megs crystal)

What has been tried: visual inspection, nothing "blown"? tried changing 2SC1969 for another, but cant gaurentee that the replacement hadn't faulted already either.

Did it suddenly happen ?: Yes, it was working fine, i just been tidying it up after some screw driver expert had put in a relay to change it from 80/40 channel fm to 400 channel am. i may of shorted something or upset something or, its likely it could of given up on me?

Anything else that may be of help?:

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