Off Ferq 2950

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Off Ferq 2950

Post by falcon505 » Thursday 25th Feb 2010, 15:29

Radio Make and Model: Rci 2950
PCB Number ept295013z
PLL Number cx79258
Test gear available: Ferq counter, watt meter,volt meter,
Symptoms: Way off Freq but it does have Tx and Rx vco set at 28.000 and tx and rx at 30.226
What is working: All but that

What has been tried: Tried Pll alignment ,connected ferq to L61 set at 10.240,connect ferq to L65 it is at 19.526 tried seting vr 2 will not bring it down,checked voltage at pin 3 ic7 votls at 3.47 L21 will not bring it down, checked L65 in tx freq at 19.526. help.

Did it suddenly happen ?: yes
Anything else that may be of help?:

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