help with my 142Gtl PLEASE!!!

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help with my 142Gtl PLEASE!!!

Post by TXPolarbear » Wednesday 23rd Jun 2010, 4:04

Radio Make and Model: Cobra 142 GTL Base
PCB Number: PC-385A
PLL Number: MB8719
Test gear available: Multimeter, PDC 700 Test meters,
Symptoms: the radio will transmit fine when it is first tuned in but after talking for a while it will lose at least half the audio and sound ruff & pinched, when using on side band it seems to be a little off frequency as well, and when you turn the mike gain to maximum it squeels internally :banghead:

What is working: the radio works with a couple glitches

What has been tried: I have re tuned it, tried different mikes, took it as far back to stock speck's as possible (TR-32 is missing)

Did it suddenly happen ?: it had these problem's when it was laid in my hand's
Anything else that may be of help?: this radio has been channeled out but the mike gain has been switched out to the rf gain. I dont have any workable prints for this model the radio has been super moded as well.

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