Jumbo warble on SSB..

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Jumbo warble on SSB..

Post by bigpimp347 » Sunday 30th Jan 2011, 5:29

Radio Make and Model: jumbo
PCB Number: PTBM059
PLL Number: PLL02A
Test gear available: B&K 2040, Dosy 4001, counters and other twiddly bits.
Symptoms: warble on SSB

What is working: everything is working fine..

What has been tried: full service and alignment

Did it suddenly happen ?: no SSB audio always had a warble, no matter what was tried.
Anything else that may be of help?: is it the D325 or something else ??

got this Jumbo for £40 and even though it work 99% on everything the SSB audio is warbling,
done the RF stage alignment and still the same, like underdrive or under voltage, now i've had this before and can't remember what it was, D325 or what ???
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