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Uniden Washington-1 watt output

Posted: Friday 18th Mar 2011, 17:25
by RBR762
Radio Make and Model: uniden washington
PCB Number:
PLL Number: 8719
Test gear available: volt meter,freq. counter
Symptoms:radio has recieve but only key's up 1 watt on AM with no forward swing. radio key's up on SSB but does not show any output what so-ever.

What is working:

What has been tried: tried 2 different mics,plugged a speaker in the PA and it works,put a 29ltd next to the washington and keyed up the washington and the meter showed 9s plus on the 29ltds meter.checked and found 13.8 vdc coming out of the power supply.checked voltages on center pin of the final (2sc1969) and found 3.25v on AM and 13.25v on SSB when keyed up.Replaced C107 electrolytic with a 35v 1000uf cap.

Did it suddenly happen ?: yes
Anything else that may be of help?: this is a totally stock radio-never been tuned or clipped in anyway shape or form.

Re: Uniden Washington-1 watt output

Posted: Sunday 20th Mar 2011, 9:56
by RBR762
Update- replaced TR37 (2sc945) as suggested and no change. I do not have a 2sc1969 final to swap so i have a eleflow cb-20 on order as i have read good reviews on these as replacements.
Does anyone have alignment procedures so i can check the alignment to rule it out as the problem.

Re: Uniden Washington-1 watt output

Posted: Monday 21st Mar 2011, 22:25
by The Defpom
Alignment info is on the site here:

Re: Uniden Washington-1 watt output

Posted: Saturday 26th Mar 2011, 9:26
by RBR762
Thank you Scott !
BTW this is a very informative website with good info. Ive been helped by the good people of
this site more than once.