President Lincoln no RX in AM only

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President Lincoln no RX in AM only

Post by SemperFi » Sunday 22nd Jul 2012, 8:09

Radio Make and Model: President Lincoln
PCB Number:
PLL Number:
Test gear available: Scope, Freq Counter, DVM, etc...

Symptoms: No RX on AM

What is working: TX on AM and everything else.

What has been tried: Locating a schematic.

Did it suddenly happen ?: Not Sure
Anything else that may be of help?:

Hey guys, I just picked up a President Lincoln and it has been modded for wide band coverage. The guy I got it from said it suddenly lost AM receive. There is no audio when in the RX AM mode at all. The RX signal indicator stays around 3 bars. The squelch circuit is not doing anything either but I figured that was because I wasn't receiving anything to squelch out. I have found other threads where a bad cap has caused this but the symptoms were the same in all modes on that thread whereas this is only happening in AM mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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