ranger 2950dx ept695015z

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ranger 2950dx ept695015z

Post by mouldy » Sunday 5th Jan 2014, 9:53

Radio Make and Model: ranger 2950dx
PCB Number: ept 695015z

hi all.i recently picked up this ranger 2950dx and only used it a few times.when i baught it everthing checked out working at the time.last week i plugged in the radio an noticed the variable power dosn"t work.tryed to adjust it internaly and there is no control at all using eather.the radio is jaming full power out.also my am tx audio has gone.no audio on am at all.i think it its version V3 all the freqency readout are the same size.i have read a few post that mention Q54 but i think that refers to earlyer modles.any addvice is welcome.thanks for looking.

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Re: ranger 2950dx ept695015z

Post by zodiac » Tuesday 21st Jan 2014, 9:40

It sounds like the big regulator transistor bolted to the side of the chassis at the back right hand side has gone.
That's why you have no control of the FM power and no AM audio.
How far is it.
Twice it's length from halfway.

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