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Cobra 148 NWST

Posted: Saturday 13th Dec 2014, 4:46
by dirtcrew51m
Project radio. Bringing the radio back from the dead, short story on radio, got radio, was almost dead, had low audio output, no tx am\ssb, after alot of testing and diagnosing, found driver, final, audio chip, and other assorted transistors gone, replaced with NOS driver, final, audio, am regulator other transistors, now has audio, am and ssb output, not full like my working cb, but making progress, now the main issue, radio works well on channels 1-30, RX,TX, but when I change to channels 31-40, the RX audio goes low, the radio looses TX output power, if I turn the radio off for about 10 seconds, the radio will work on all channels, if the channel is not turned, but when I turn the upper channels, same thing happens. I know some of the vr's were turned, but I matched them up to where the factory paint locks were applied as best as possible. As far as I can see, most of the voltages I am testing are within reason of the Cobra voltage chart.