Texas Ranger696 mobile nothing

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Texas Ranger696 mobile nothing

Postby StrightClaw » Friday 26th Aug 2016, 22:01

I have this Texas Ranger 696 I took out of the closet today. It's been down for quite a while now but it's just to far to take anything to be repaired. The Base station I had listed here Texas Ranger 696 SSB base I took it the other day it's 100 miles to the shop what a trip. Anyhow it cost me $93.00 and I was told it had a bad audio IC8. And that was caused by a bad speaker.????? Never hear of that. He charges $45.00 to see the problem plus parts. I think I been had. Another reason for not wanting to go.
Anyhow this mobile Texas Ranger I don't understand. What happened to it is I was removing an echo board and must have done something wrong. I checked and double checked and everything is correct.
It was fine radio was turned on had a little static witch is normal and I hit my Rotor Control to turn around and the front panel lights went out. As soon as I hit the buttons. Anyhow fooling around with it I found out that if I only have half the antenna hooked up it lights up. By that I mean the center connection. If the ground to the coax touches the connector it goes back to no lights. Oh and all of this is when the mic jack is unplugged from the radio. If I plug the mic jack (either connection) into the radio (power or signal) the lights go out. This is something that is confusing to myself just trying to explain. Pleas anyone have any ideas of any kind. I don't know about TX because of the mic thing.

Thanks !

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