RM Italy KL 200-P

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RM Italy KL 200-P

Postby mikeh5867 » Saturday 28th Jul 2007, 2:43

I'm new to all this, so please bare with me.

A friend gave me a RM Italy KL 200-P amp.

I would like to use it for my CB but from I can tell it only works for Frequency range 25-30 MHz (Europe) ,

I would like to use it for my CB, I have seen Mods for other amp's from RM italy to get it to work for a CB.

But I can not find anything for this AMP. I did find a post someplace else that said remove the IC2 Chip and I did try this but that looks to just let you use the Pre AMP part of the AMP not the Line.

So any help someone can offer please let me know

New to all this

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Postby Beaver Squeezer » Monday 15th Oct 2007, 5:05

Call HY Electronics, they have the paperwork that show the mod.

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Postby marveylus22 » Wednesday 17th Oct 2007, 13:52

it is HF you will be fine.

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Postby Animal » Thursday 18th Oct 2007, 6:15

The CB frequency for most of the world is between 26-30Mhz or the eleven meter band (depending on where you are) so it'll be fine without any modification.

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Postby Min » Thursday 29th Nov 2007, 17:44

This amp will cover 25-30MHz (europe) NO MOD

here is a link for this amp.


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Postby frogman296 » Friday 30th Nov 2007, 7:27

yes tyhe amp will work already if it covers 25-30mhz

cb(11meter) is 26.9650 to 27.4050

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