what to use to amp the pa output

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what to use to amp the pa output

Post by troyboy162 » Saturday 28th Feb 2009, 7:37

great forum! im learning alot here but im unsure what direction to go to make the pa louder on my cb radio.

is there any small circuit that would be better then others to build for around 15W to the pa horn? im not even sure what watts the cb is giving the pa but its very low. the external speaker port pushes the ps horn harder then the actual pa port. infact the external speaker ports output is plenty loud enough through the pa horn. its almost like the pa output is built for a amped pa speaker. those are expensive though.

radio is a cobra 19 ultra III. and yes im keeping it. all the features i need and the size i want

thank you for any and all replys

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Re: what to use to amp the pa output

Post by Phyzz » Thursday 2nd Apr 2009, 14:26

go to www.partsexpress.com. They have a small audio amp kit you can build and hook to 12v dc that will make your external horn louder. You may have to attenuate the input audio signal to keep from over driving the amp. Phyzz

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