know anything about this amp???

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know anything about this amp???

Post by Dino_24 » Wednesday 19th Aug 2009, 15:11

I just got a Bishop amplifier, made by Digital Sport Systems, a couple of days ago from a friend. It wasn't working right. After checking the thing out, I ended up changing the preamp transistor (when switched on, seems to actually shift the receive off frequency), fiddling around with the relays because they weren't closing and releasing properly, a few diodes and 2 caps... I temporarily hooked it up, tried it, and it worked. It has 2 pills... PT9803A anyone know anything about them? Max output, safe input level?

With a 4 watt input, the amp output around 70-80 watts deadkey and a little under 200 watts PEP (with a rat shack meter). I'll be driving it with around 2 - 2.5 watts when I install it.
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