does this sound right.???

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does this sound right.???

Post by 1iwilly » Tuesday 13th Jul 2010, 2:06

this don't make sense to me cause all the question i ask were answer you need a bigger alt.
well lets re-cap the situation. 160 amp alt 2 match 1100 CCAat 32 degress and 980CCA at 0 degrees batteries.
they say the rule is WATTS-DIVIDED BY VOLTS=amps
and that for every 100watts it should draw 10amps.
OK 2x8 doing 600 to 650 watts RMS at starting volts 14.50 dropping to around 13.79 volts
600-divided by 14.50=41.3793
600-divided by 13.79=43.5097
the other way 10 amp draw for every 100 watts=60.amps
so to me i still have reserve left from alt and batt for the box to do more watts.???
but it doesn't.i either have to hit the box with higher volt to get more watts . but still not pulling enough amps
here an ex sample=if i ran 16 volts charging at 18.50 drops down to 16.80. 1000watts divided by 16.80=59.5438.amps
I'm doing this to try to understand the fundamentals. so please keep the smart to your self cause that will not answer the question.
i want to be able to understand what would be the proper equipment needed with out spending money on useless thing that won't give me more.

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