Need new amp, narrowed it down... and ..need help

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Need new amp, narrowed it down... and ..need help

Post by jackwabbit » Friday 27th Jan 2012, 5:10

After a few years of being off the air (a move, and subsequent laziness). I pulled out the gear and to my sadness is a dead amp. This thing was a home build and has been fixed/soldered so many times, I don't want to bother fixing it again.

I've narrowed my choices of a new amp down -- I am running a bone stock CB, so 4 watts am, 12 ssb.
RM Italy: KL 503 or KL 400
Palomar: HD450LD
MidnightSpecial MF200

My requirements are at or under 30 amp draw, with at least a 100watt (real) output, and all under $250 (US)
These all seem to do it. The KL503 seems the best "bang for buck" followed by kl400, mf200 and last the palomar... but the palomar is a class ab1 which will give better sound.

Any one have any input on these? thanks. (Prices are just what I found, not the best) Below is
Model Amps Cost
watts in to approx watts out

Manual S/B & unknown class, C?
KL 503 30 amps $150
AM 1-6 -> 60-250
SSB 1-12 -> 120-450

KL 400 24 amps $160
AM 1-10 -> 200
SSB 2-20 -> 400

Auto S/B
P 300 35 $145
AM 1-15 -> 250
SSB 0-25 -> 300

Auto S/B & Class AB1
P 450 ?? $240
AM 2-10 -> 200
SSB -15 -> 300

Auto S/B & class C
MF200, 15 $125
AM 2-5 -> 200
SSB -50pep -> 225

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