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Instructions on how to use this forum.
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How to post a message..

Post by The Defpom » Tuesday 24th Aug 2004, 18:44

Currently in order to post a message you need to register on the forum, it is free, simple and allows instant access.

Once registered you can login with the login you chose, I suggest that when you login you select the checkbox to "Log me in each visit".

Once you are logged in you can then post message, send private messages and email users of the forum using the forums private email form.

Most importantly, make sure that when you do post a message, that you post it to the appropriate forum catagory, failure to do so may result in either your post not being answered, your post being deleted, if you consistantly post to the wrong catagory, despite receiving warnings, your account may be deleted.

If there is not a a suitable catagory for you to post your message into, post it in the general catagory, and suggest that I create a catagory for the topic.

If you have any questions please contact me (The Administrator) or post a message in the appropriate forum catagory.

Click HERE to register, just fill out the form.

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