My station

What equipment do you use, what radio, antenna, etc. or for you techs out there, what test gear do you have ?
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My station

Post by che-ko » Sunday 13th Aug 2006, 12:29

Well I dont got anything good yet but im hoping to build on it

Station:base station with moblie radio
Radio:midland 77092
Scanner:relistic pro 2021 200 channel programable scanner
Coax:58u i believe 100feet of it with 1 connect (came in 50 foot lengths)
Areial:3/8 ground plane i believe its really old but works good. Its aluminum and has 3 eggies comming out of the side.
Areial mount:11foot high 2x4 mount to my shed(hopping to change this)
SWR:not sure yet
Powerpack: umm kinda homemade 12v

Well I think thats my whole station if a bit of a beginner but like i said im hoping to improve on it. I may get a big stick from my uncle and a tower from my other uncle. ! thing i noticed is that cbers have connections. Well atleast the ones in nova scotia canada

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Post by bullwinkle » Wednesday 20th Sep 2006, 3:56

Home made is more fun. I make alot of my stuff too.
Master Blaster antenna with 102" radials added

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