Realistic TRC 57 23 Channels AM & SSB CB Base info ..

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Realistic TRC 57 23 Channels AM & SSB CB Base info ..

Post by elchicloso » Monday 19th Mar 2007, 9:48


Today I bought a Realistic TRC 57 23 Channels CB Base on Ebay, I want to install a Siltronix 90A-6 VFO.

I don't know if that radio use PLL or cristals.

I don't have any diagram of the Realistic TRC-57.

Where I find information about the cristals configuration of this CB Base ?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by kc8mob » Wednesday 18th Apr 2007, 6:53

You're better off learning how complex crytal oscillators work.
Then you can do anything.

the rev
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trc-57 mods

Post by the rev » Saturday 23rd Jun 2007, 12:01

This radio was a bit ahead of its time when it was introduced, this was a first generation genuine pll and instead of being an IC like we see in modern radio's this was a pll circut comprised of various simple ic's and a variety of other diodes and resistors.
That would be the reason I surmise they, (UNIDEN) combined all the functions into one IC as the result is much more easy to replace in case of problems as well as the newer multi function IC's where much cheaper to produce.
The only thing I can suggest is to change the reference crystal and try to tune the vco to allow for the change!

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