Cobra 19 DX-IV

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Cobra 19 DX-IV

Post by RodK »

I have two (2) 19 DX-IV CB's that receive just fine, but the transmit audio is VERY distorted.

I've checked the Forward power (4-Watts) and Reflected power (0-Watts) so the antenna checks fine.

The supply voltage to the radio is within specs (14.1 VDC). These findings are the same with BOTH vehicles.

So I had the department buy two new ones and they are doing the same thing. Even on my work bench they sound GREATLY over modulated!

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am going to take them to the dealer and have him check them out as well. But I was wanting to hear if anyone else experienced the same issues.


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Post by ramblingman »

hi rod,,and welcome to the forum...i bought one of these cobra 19 dx iv from a local walmart here in mississippi.and i found the same thing you are describing with yours is wrong with this one.tx audio is very distorted,rx is fine..i tryed different mics,with no antenna is also a 1.2 s.w.r..and i hooked it up on my base antenna,and power supply,,same thing distorted i just boxed it back up and threw it in the corner..and got me a uniden pro 510 problems with this is a very good talking and receiving little radio....if you can locate one they are well worth the money...small compact,,very good tx audio,,good receive...
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cobra dx 19

Post by WARLORD136 »

howdy, guys, i have a dx 19 iv and am getting 19 watts on a swing on a dosy 4002 psw. there is no distortion with my radio. maybe the dates of assembly have something to do with this. maybe its a run of bad boards,who knows? you may be able to fix this. maybe(i like this word,does it show?) the pre amp or the final is being over-driven? good for my guitar amps, bad for vocal audio. had to add my 2 cents. adios,amigos!!!!!
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Re: Cobra 19 DX-IV

Post by tdill49 »

They SUCK Peroid :banghead:
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