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Palomar skipper ??? problem and schematic

Posted: Saturday 1st Mar 2008, 15:17
by speedracer6g
I had a guy drop off a palomar skipper the other day and i am getting intermitent power from this linear. first thing it had 2 2sc2879 finals in it and thats it and he said it was a 400 or 500 but when i look up those finals i am seeing 100 pep each. but anyway i am getting about 120 watts with the amp on high with about 100 deadkey wich is weird but i had 200 when i first turned it on. when the amp is on med pwr i get about 80 dk and 120 on the high side. on low power i get 35 dk and 70 on the high side wich seems right. but med and high power are not working right. i checked the power supply voltage it is solid no matter what and i pulled the finals out and tested them with the bk 520 transistor tester ok. i checked drive power into the finals on low med and high they are all fine. i am now grasping at straws here. i reflowed the whole pa deck to no avail. so i have pretty much rulled out a cold solder joint. i am thinking that a final is weak but wanted to see what you guys think before i go buy 50 bucks worth of parts.

any input would be appreciated.

MIKE :?:

nevermind the help figured it out

Posted: Monday 3rd Mar 2008, 8:57
by speedracer6g
I found there was a broken coax on the ouput side very small break hard to see. but i realized that the finals were working like they are supposed to and the amp is fine now.

thanks anyway. :sign3: i sould read the data sheets on things before i ask.