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uniden grant lt speaker reconnection help

Posted: Friday 30th Jan 2009, 11:38
by hamguy2
hi everyone, i have a uniden grant lt 40 channel ssb and am i purchased this from ebay usa for $10.50 us it was doa when i got it but there was a few lose things on the board. i repaired now its up and running fully ,the radio cost me $48.00 us to get it here but still a really good buy considering i dont see them on ebay all that often for sale .the radio powers up fine its spot on tx and rx is fine but the radio had been to 1 or 2 techs in the usa and they said they couldnt fix it .anyway i need a schematic or someone to email me the schematic diagram on this radio im told there the same as some cobra 148gtls or the grant xl with the silver face im, told its the same layout not seeing a grant xl for a long time. i just forget all i need is someone to point me in the direction or email me a schematic diagram on this radio as id love to get the internal speaker email is ,thanks david nsw australia . :?: