2SB827 am regulator question in ss3900

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2SB827 am regulator question in ss3900

Post by Damselfly »

Hi guys. I've done a search but not found an answer to my question. I use a new ss3900 blue led version with dual mosfet finals(not sure if it's Crt or Ranger). For some reason, after about 30 mins of talking the 2sb827(tr51) gets real hot and the mic plug gets quite warm as a result. This happens using a fixed carrier of 10w on fm. If i were to drop my power to about 4 watts would it allow it to run cooler or will it still run at this temp regardless? I feel that if it continuously runs like this i'm going to be replacing them every few months. This i a terrible design. Any help on this is very much appreciated. Regards. Damian.
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Re: 2SB827 am regulator question in ss3900

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It should run a little cooler if you run lower wattage. It will still generate heat after a while since you are running in FM mode. I would try to put some heat sink compound on tR51. Sometimes they skimp on that at the factory. TR51 gets warm anyway so the more heat you get away from it the more stable the radio will be. Tr51 uses the chasis for a heat sink and it is going to get warm on that side of the radio. I wish they would just put a bigger heat shink on the back of the radio with the finals and TR51. That my two cents worth anyhow good luck.

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