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2950DX question /help

Posted: Thursday 5th Nov 2009, 1:43
by smallpup
I got a 2950dx radio from a friend. The problem is i have the radio hooked to a power supply for home base use. If you turn the >>>anl/nb /rb on and set it to any freq ( say 27.165 ) and not use the" LOCK button" then turn off the power supply the next time you go to use it you have to reset everything it goes back to ( 24.000 ),????????
But if you do the same and keep the power supply on and just turn off the radio everything will be as it was when turned off?Someone said that it was modified wrong or something????? And the way to fix it is undo the mod and redo it again. ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE??? IF SO HOW IS IT DONE? Other then that the radio works GREAT and get good reports on AM/SSB..
Thank you for any help.

Re: 2950DX question /help

Posted: Sunday 15th Nov 2009, 8:35
by zodiac
That's normal.
The electrolytic capacitors are drained close to 0 volts when you turn the PSU off first. If you turn the radio off first then the cap's hold a small amount of voltage, enough to keep it's memory.

Re: 2950DX question /help

Posted: Monday 16th Nov 2009, 0:08
by smallpup
Thank you for the help. Have a great day.