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Service Manual

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Need a service manual for a SBE Console VI, same as SBE Sidebander VI, the Craig 131 uses the same PLL chip but the alignment is too different to be of any help.

I really only need the alignment procedure....

Cheers Andy Archer
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Re: Service Manual

Post by lbcomms »

Only the control (digital) part of these was out of the ordinary, the RF side was standard NDI 40013 stuff.
There are 2 versions, only the PLL circuitry differed.

Alignment is as for many NDI 40013 radios (single conversion 7.8 Mhz IF with a 19 Mhz PLL on a seperate small board).

Anyone with moderate experience with SSB CB radios should be able to tune one by ear, except for setting the oscillators.
The PLL output is 19.405 Mhz on channel 20 AM receive, with +/- 2.5Khz offsets for SSB.
The carrier oscillator is set to 7.8025 / 7.7975.

I have a circuit diagram and layout if you need them if you need to figure the rest out.
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