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Re: Roger Fart

Post by kc8mob » Monday 9th Jul 2007, 6:41

555 wrote:
555 wrote:
Zane Johnston wrote:Can someone please explain the "modification" of converting you stock Ranger (Galaxy, Mirage, etc.) roger beep to a roger fart.

How STUPID is that, it's bad enough that people don't know when and where to use a Roger-Beep, and then someone wants to make it more annoying. Give us all a break ! :arrow:
I agree it's TOTALLY STUPID to do something like this, BUT that's the MENTALITY of CB operators especially the NEWBIES. What a joke, the FCC sould have never gotten rid of cb-licensing and they should make people take a test on how to use a cb-radio and proper ettiquette. 73 Jim :x
Now you know how HAM operators feel about CBers :P
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Roger Fart Mod

Post by Dx_freak » Saturday 22nd Sep 2007, 15:47

Here is my 1st post on this site and a good topic for doing so. I aggre with all that all info should be for helping all and all questions should be answered and in a non abrasive way. Folks come to these forums for help and guidance not to be slamed and/or bashed. A simple question deserves and simple answer. All other folks as 555 need to find a forum for complainers and/or such. There are lots out there. As for the mods for out there, cbtricks nor cbforretards worked in my favor, it did work if as someone here denoted, keep your hand on the case and it would kind of work. I also found it to kinda work till case was installed. Then it went away. I do know that it can be dont with little effort and parts. I have seen it done without removing a single part. I seen 5-6 of the 104 disc caps installed on the solder side of board and make a good sounding fart. Just have to experament, then when you get it right, pass it on to everyone you know, install a 5 tone roger beep and a 3 stage ping and then hope to live in a neighborhood were 555 and kc8mob live and we can call them the EBAY POLICE COMMITY!! If they moan and groan here, you know what they do when they see you selling a good modded cb radio made for 10 meter for the intention for channel expansion to be used on 11 meter and visa versa. That will help the hammers something to complain about, Now you know how CB operators feel about HAMMERS!!! :lol:

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Post by zeppfrog » Wednesday 25th Jun 2008, 23:03

bah, dont care about right or wrong... those are just abstracts... what i do care about is a nice loud flatulating sound after i am finished speaking my piece... should have come standard in the radio instead of that annoying beep

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