Uniden uh095sx...

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Uniden uh095sx...

Post by Newslogger » Friday 9th Mar 2007, 3:07

For some odd reason, I have yet to see any modification tips posted on any website for the Uniden uh095sx dual-band transceiver.

Surely there is a way to expand the scan feature of this rig to receive below and above the listed frequency range--particularly to monitor the 70 cm amateur band.

Perhaps it is also possible to transmit outside of the designated frequency paramaters for either the 27 MHz band, the UHF band, or both?

Such information would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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Uniden UH095SX CB dual band

Post by ledgy » Monday 30th Jun 2008, 17:30

I have 2 of these cb sets and discovered that on receive only you can program in freqs from 450mhz-512 as by instructions. It works & have listened on those bands. :lol:
Now wouldnt it be a great MOD to transmit on those freqs? The CB only beeps at you when you key the mic.

Whos in the know on these things?

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Post by warhorse » Thursday 17th Jul 2008, 4:12

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