Is there a Cobra 148GTL Dual Final Mod?

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Is there a Cobra 148GTL Dual Final Mod?

Postby Baileytruckr04 » Friday 15th Feb 2008, 14:21

Well i know i have a Galaxy DX959 and it has Dual Finals. I was wondering if anyone new if there is a Mod out there for the 148GTL? I hear people talk about triple finals, but that sounds like a lot of crazy talk, but maybe it is true idk. And also an old guy in a CB shop that i used to stop at in Illinois told me that there is a wire that you can cut in the 148s to make them a 100watt radio? Is this true or is someone just feeding me a line of crap? But if anyone know anyway that i can get more power out of this radio other than the normal just turning it up, i would be very appreciative. I have a buddy that lives in northern Illinois, and i live in Southern Indiana, and hoped that someday we would be able to talk to each other on the airwaves, but i dont know how possible that will be.......

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Postby 148 » Thursday 21st Feb 2008, 15:02

no and he is full of crap

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Postby RedEye » Wednesday 5th Mar 2008, 2:07

I love 148 GTL radios and have messed with them alot. Tried the ekl finals, the dual 1969 mod. I have gone to just a good peak & tune after the radio is at operating temp, especially when doing an alignment. The tend to be off when cold and if you align them cold, they will drift high... Some say replacing L26/L27 will correct it, but they all seem to drift...

It is one of the most stable ssb radios out there, and am beats most radios (non DX) out there.They may be in the 12~15 watt range, but they sound a ton better than any over modulated, clipped, ekl'd 29 out there pushing 30 watts.

I dont care for the new model, (side mounted mic plug) they have terrible ssb (unstable due to the change in power distribution) and they tend to have resistor problems alot as well.

Do a good alignment, then peak and tune, don't clip the audio and you'll have a great radio! If you need to add power to reach your buddy, hook up a nice footwarmer and talk all night!

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Postby speedracer6g » Wednesday 11th Jun 2008, 12:10

Is it a new 148 gtl with the ranger board or an old one. This will make all the difference in what you can do with it.


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cobra 148

Postby WARLORD136 » Monday 25th Aug 2008, 8:42

that old guy is talking to hear himself. no sutch mod for 100 watts. i think his wire is clipped. peak & tune and they do well. leave the mod choke in. buy a good amp, and you'll b talkin'.
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Postby timrim » Monday 25th Aug 2008, 16:30

If you have a spare heat sink, you could add the second final, as long as you tie the finals to +12 volts instead of going through the regulator. I would recommend this on the older ones however, the newer ones just are not built as well.

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