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Dead Key
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Cobra Question

Post by 1096 » Friday 15th Aug 2008, 1:56

If I add a 1k resistor in series with the mod. limiter will this disable the limiter and set it to a preset level or will it just open up the upper limit? Should it be in series or can it be tacked across the solder side of the limiter and still do the same thing? Any ideas?

Technical Helper
Technical Helper
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Post by ramblingman » Friday 15th Aug 2008, 4:09

I always use a 10k resistor.I lift the cathode end of
the limiter diode and install the resistor in series.
I have good results using this value.It will still swing
good,and not be over-modulated.If the radio has a
transistor as the limiter.Lift the collector of the transistor
and install the resistor in series at this point.

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