Ranger RCI - 2950 Replacement bulbs?

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Ranger RCI - 2950 Replacement bulbs?

Postby jstahnke » Monday 8th Sep 2008, 1:28

Do i need to do anything specific to change my stock 2950 display bulbs to blue LED'S or just throw them in place? Thanks!

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Postby timrim » Monday 8th Sep 2008, 6:17

You don't need anything special, but if you plan to tie the LEDs to the points where the bulbs were, be sure to check polarity. Another thing to remember is that the LEDs may not dim as well as the bulbs did, if that is the case and you wish to fix it, you will need to replace a resistor or two on the processor board, which is of course mostly surface mount. The dimmer on the 2950s do work pretty well however, so this may not even be needed.

I forgot to mention, the RCI 2950 uses (2) 6 volt bulbs wired in series, be sure to take this into account when installing the LEDs, that is of course assuming you wish that they are controlled by the dimmer circuit.

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