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Cobra 29 LTD Classic

Post by omega45820 » Tuesday 17th Aug 2010, 12:27

Hey all! Im new to this fourm but not new to modifyin CB's
I just done this on my 29 LTD Classic

1. Remove final and replace with a 2SC1969 transistor.
2. Remove R123 and replace with a jumper.
3. Replace C58 with a 180pF capacitor.
4. Re-tune coils.

1. OVERMOD: Check D11. Missaligned VR4.
2. Internittent audio/modulation: Bad solder joints on pins 1&2 or 2&3 of audio ic.
3. TUNE UP TIPS: L11 is the TVI trap. DO NOT adjust!!! Stretching L12 gets moe output. L14 peak is about a turn or two up from factory original setting.

I didnt mess with the L11 on it and after doing all of this im still pretty much the same on watts and Mod ...
Have i done something wrong or is there other stuff that i need to do ... or is there any other mods i can do to replace these

4 watts DK up to 20 watts swing

Is there anything eles i can do to make this radio perform better then 20 watt swing
Ty all


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