Cobra 148gtl

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Cobra 148gtl

Post by piratefm » Tuesday 11th Jan 2011, 15:22

Hi all,

Here is a cobra using the mb8719 pll, does anyone know how to dual band it NZ and USA without a slide clarifier for the 5khz shift????, it uses a 11.1125 crystal, cheers

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Re: Cobra 148gtl

Post by lbcomms » Thursday 13th Jan 2011, 23:36

without a slide clarifier for the 5khz shift
You'll need to change the PLL - this is a job for an expert.

The '8719 only does 10K steps, and you cant change the 10.24 crystal to give you a 5K offset because you will need at least 8 inputs to give you the coverage with 5K steps, and the '8719 only has 7.
You could overcome this by using custom made crystals and 6 switchable offsets, but that would still be an "experts only" job.
Cost of this mod would be in the $225 to $275 (AU$) range, it would be cheaper to have 2 separate rigs.

Hope this helps

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