Galaxy DX949s Q55 is heating up

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Galaxy DX949s Q55 is heating up

Post by jimbowilly » Thursday 30th Jun 2011, 21:58

Q55 ( AF AM Amplifier 2SA1869 )on my Galaxy DX949s is getting very hot when I TX using a dummy load.
It still heats up while using an antenna, just not as hot.
What can I do to run cooler?

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Re: Galaxy DX949s Q55 is heating up

Post by mongoose » Monday 31st Oct 2011, 4:43

AM AF Amplifier Improvement - Q55

This is another improvement, which has previously been published for the EPT690010Z. The stock AF Amplifier is the 2SA473. Replacing this with the 2SA1012-0 or the ECG153 will improve the clarity and volume of the modulation. It will also run much cooler which provides stability for the device. If you plan to use the DX959 or DX949 with the provided stock microphone, this upgrade is highly suggested for maximum AM modulation.

This does work.

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