Cobra 19 Ultra iii

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Cobra 19 Ultra iii

Postby USMC_DOC » Thursday 10th Nov 2011, 13:18

Hi, I just purchased a cobra 19 ultra iii, and was wondering if anyone has the scoop on mods for my new toy. I am interested in boosting modulation and peak envelope power.I was told that the cobra 19 dx iv is the same as the ultra I cracked it open, and wala.. there on the board, it says, " 19 dx ..I would greatly appreciate it , if anyone can help me. thanks. DOC.

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Re: Cobra 19 Ultra iii

Postby hackindave » Thursday 23rd Feb 2012, 19:05

Not alot to be done with these.

LT1 wil adjust power NO MODULATION

RVM1 is modulation pot

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Re: Cobra 19 Ultra iii

Postby Amastemm » Thursday 1st Mar 2012, 1:11

I'd like to have such mods myself..

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Re: Cobra 19 Ultra iii

Postby Edward10 » Saturday 17th Nov 2012, 16:35

I've had the best luck with this radio. I had to buy a radioshack SWR meter and a 102" whip antenna to get the radio working perfectly(1.5 SWR). I have the HG A1500 antenna and it isn't really the best for this radio (even though Cobra recommends it). Now all I have to do is find a non destructive way to mount the 102" antenna to my car. LOL

I have to wonder though, with CB technology being as old as it is, why has nobody made an easy to understand (non laborious reading) tutorial about this technology. There are lots of resources on the web, I know, but I feel like it's overloading sometimes and it loses me in its directive. I'm a hands on AV learner and I wish somebody would make a simple step-by-step presentation that serves as a back bone for the more complex issues without putting me to sleep. LOL

Well, this is my first post, I hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Cobra 19 Ultra iii

Postby zodiac » Sunday 25th Nov 2012, 3:14

I know what you mean about falling asleep.
Lou Franklin does his best to explain in simple terms most of what you need to know for the beginner in his book, THE SCREWDRIVER'S EXPERT'S GUIDE.
If you need a book to get started with that won't put you to sleep, there was a book from Radio Shack by Forrest Mims, III.
called, Getting started in Electronics and it's funny as well as very informative and easy to understand.
How far is it.
Twice it's length from halfway.

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