148GTL D china made 4pin mic

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148GTL D china made 4pin mic

Post by renegade74 » Monday 21st Nov 2011, 1:13

i have a new 148 gtl d china made (i know a door stop) i am looking for the plans or a diragram on how to mod the MMB8719 pll chip for 27.415-445 and also get the 27.455 on up mod (i dont want to mess with my real 148 philly made i am keepin it virgin for now), thanks for your time everyone and have a great day,
i run a magnum 257 HP/148GTL
and a 102" SS whip on the cab of my truck
SSB numbers: wwpdx522/ A.E. 1333
ch 35-40 lsb and more

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Re: 148GTL D china made 4pin mic

Post by perrym1962 » Thursday 15th Dec 2011, 14:39

I have had a couple of them and the channel mods work the same as with the older ones..

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