Royce 1-640 variable power

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Royce 1-640 variable power

Postby slowhand » Friday 19th Oct 2012, 15:09

I have a nice Royce 1-640 radio. Looking for a variable carrier modification. Any help greatly appreciated !!
thanks !

decided to use a TIP31 to control the collector current based on a circuit I got from DTB radio.
Anyone needs the specifics let me know.

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butter bean
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Re: Royce 1-640 variable power

Postby butter bean » Thursday 14th Feb 2013, 10:48

Hey slowhand
What other kinds of mods have u found for the royce 640? i just got one and its a sharp looking radio. but cant find much on it but a old flyer that said it cost almost 500 bucks back in the day. let me know what you find

Butter Bean

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Re: Royce 1-640 variable power

Postby sonoma » Friday 15th Feb 2013, 3:03

this is all I found on this radio. hope this will help.

modulation--vr10 or cut D43
am power L13- L12
SSB--- VR13

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