Jacko mods for super super etc ta!

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Jacko mods for super super etc ta!

Post by cqradio » Thursday 21st Mar 2013, 1:55

Hi Folks!
I’m looking for a way to modify my 5 band classic Jackson to cover as much of the 10 meter band as possible. I know there are a number of ways to go about this depending upon amongst other things the desired outcome so I’ll start there.
I’m not bothered about the alpha channel skips or the channel 23 anomaly and in any case I would like to retain 40 correctly numbered and spaced mid-block CEPT/FCC channels.
I cannot see any value in having a radio that goes below 26.965 and in an ideal world mid-block would be my band ‘A’ and band ‘E’ would run from 28.765 to 29.205.
Of course I’ve trawled the internet and the closest solution I’ve managed to come up with is a modification that will give me 26.515 to 28.750. Not ideal but a movement in the right direction.
The plan goes something like this:
Firstly, shift the wire from band switch position ‘A’ to matrix diode selection ‘B’ then ‘B’ to ‘C’ and so on.
This would free up matrix selection ‘A’ which could be re- configured and connected to switch position ‘E’.
Reconfiguration would amount to pulling low pin 2 of IC6 and pins 4, 2 & 15 of IC7.
Breaking the track to PLL pin 11 with a DPST switch on which 8v could also be introduced, possibly utilising the ‘roger bleep’ switch?
Not the tidiest way of doing it perhaps but would this work? I have no idea really; this is just stuff I have picked out from here and there.
Band ‘’E’ should now be 28.315 to 28.755 but only when the switch is thrown. Bands ‘A’ to ‘D’ will be as normal but one band up without the switch thrown. What the effect would be with the switch in the wrong position I have no idea.
Can anyone help me out and tell me if this is a workable plan or even better show me a more satisfactory modification. Please be aware I am not an engineer and can’t cope with too much jargon, just the nips and tucks please.

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Re: Jacko mods for super super etc ta!

Post by zodiac » Sunday 24th Mar 2013, 1:32

Hi Pete,
If you haven't sorted it yet all you need to do is change the 14.550Mhz crystal to a 15.900MHz.
By doing so you will move the radio up in frequency by three bands to 29.655MHz channel 40 the highest band.
How far is it.
Twice it's length from halfway.

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