fisherman 600 marine radio question???

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fisherman 600 marine radio question???

Post by ramblingman » Sunday 13th May 2007, 16:12

hello everyone.i got a question about this radio ive recently is a fisherman 600.i am wondering can you run this radio on a cb antenna.or do you have to have a marine antenna.i hooked it to my cb antenna,and i get static,but no receive.and it will not key.dont know if the final is blown.or if the radio must be hooked up to only a marine antenna.secondly what would be a good antenna,for this radio.,,,thanks :idea:

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Post by Studio1 » Wednesday 23rd May 2007, 14:18

A CB antenna is just that - an antenna for a CB.

It's NOT for running a marine VHF set into.

Marine frequencies are in the order of 160MHz - CB is either 27MHz or 477MHz depending on what sort of CB you are running - either way it's miles off the mark.

If you are fortunate your marine set may have survived the mismatch into that antenna. The only way to tell for sure is to get a proper VHF marine antenna (or RF load) and a power meter, and see if the radio is developing the proper output power.

As for choice of antenna, search for "Marine VHF" antenna from a local supplier in your area. They are generally white and around 5 ft long.

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