Introducing/reintroducing myself - Eric - American Eagle 813

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Introducing/reintroducing myself - Eric - American Eagle 813

Postby EricExtreme » Monday 15th Oct 2012, 2:54

I am briefly going to introduce/reintroduce myself as I either may not have been active on this forum in a long time, and am new to it, or some of you may know me from a different forum.

My name is Eric Extreme and I am from Auburn, Massachusetts. You may have heard me DXing on the airwaves using the call sign 2 American Eagle 813 or simply American Eagle 813. Locally I am known as "Extreme".

I have been involved with the hobby since 1992 (20 years going strong!)

I keep all of my DXing logs and hobby history online on my website at (no it is not a company and doesn't sell anything. It is just my personal story/log website)

I spend most of my time on 27.385 LSB (38) and 27.555 USB (52). Sometimes I may also be heard on random AM channels between 22 & 28 DXing.

I hope to catch some of you on the airwaves. If you here me out there please give me a shout or let me know that you heard me out there.


Catch a radio wave, Hang 10-4 !!!

- Eric Extreme
American Eagle 813
Auburn, Massachusetts
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